CM Bhupesh Baghel showed his sportsmanship in the basketball ground, praised the teachers by visiting the innovation exhibition

Raipur: Today, when Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel, under the Swami Atmanand Utkrisht Vidyalaya scheme, located in Amapara, the R.D. Tiwari was inspecting the school premises by dedicating the upgradation work of the Government English Medium School, so at that time he could not stop himself from going to the children playing in the basketball field and he also displayed his sports talent in the basketball field. Exhibited.

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The Chief Minister did the basket ball by throwing the ball directly into the net from a long distance from the net. School Education Minister Dr. Premsai Singh Tekam, MLA Kuldeep Juneja, Vikas Upadhyay, Mayor Ejaz Dhebar, Principal Secretary Dr. Alok Shukla and other children praised the sportsmanship of the Chief Minister.

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In the ‘Shiksha Madai’ organized here, the Chief Minister observed the girls’ tipple game, fugdi, children’s unicorn dance and took the bumblebee tossed the bumblebee in the air and took it directly in his hands. On this occasion, Chief Minister Babu Ashok Singh Lodhi of Cinema, Guruji Rudra Pratap Singh Rana of Motor Cycle, Amardeep Bhogal of Puppet Show, Sikandar Khan teaching tribal children in local language, Guruji Virendra Bhagat of Blackboard, Madhu Verma of Muskaan Library, Loud Speakers. Observed the performance of Vijay Baghel, who taught ‘Angana Me Shiksha’, Sheela Guru Swami and Neeta Sahu, and while interacting with them, praised their innovation.

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Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel not only interacted with the teachers on the occasion of observation of the school classes, but also inquired about their studies from the boys and girls of the class. The Chief Minister sat at his desk with class X class XII Shashank Verma and asked him about taking admission in the school and the studies being done here. Shashank told that he has taken admission in this school of his own free will. He previously studied in a private English medium school in Raipur.

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Education and other facilities like smart classes, sports activities etc. are available in this school like private schools. Similarly, Palak Gupta of class 12th, working in the Biologic Lab, told the Chief Minister in her fluent English that she was studying the plant section of plants through a microscope. When asked by the Chief Minister why he selected this school? Palak told that earlier she studied in a private English school in Raipur, both the teachers and the quality of education of this school are very good. Similarly the library, sports and other activities of the school are also of excellent standard and he has happily selected this school.

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