Husband was becoming an obstacle in love! Lover put to death after drinking poisonous liquor, threw the body in the drain

Raipur: The police has made a big disclosure in the case of the dead body of a young man found near Kolhan drain of Hasaud police station area of ​​​​the capital Raipur. The lover of the wife had put the young man to death. The whole matter is from 18 days ago. However, the police has arrested the accused.

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According to the information, the accused was having a love affair with the wife of the deceased youth. In order to eliminate the husband who was creating a hindrance between them, the accused mixed poison in alcohol and gave them a drink. Due to which he died. After this, the accused threw the body of the youth near the Kolhan drain. However, after 18 days, the police arrested the accused youth in this case and sent him to jail.

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