Line of dead bodies on the road of Raipur! People were surprised to see the demand for compassionate appointment

Raipur: Many families demonstrated in the capital demanding compassionate appointment. Wearing a shroud, he lay down on the road. These people, who have been protesting for about one and a half months, say that after the death of the earning member of the house, now there is a situation of starvation. In such a situation, they should be given any kind of job.

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These pictures of widowed women and their children crying on the road are from the capital Raipur. Along with them are their relatives. When she became unconscious, the fellow women gave her water. Somebody’s brothers and sisters are lying on the road in the form of a dead body and someone’s son and daughter are lying. Many such families have gathered here since July 21. This is the family of the departed teachers. The bread giver to these families has already died before the merger of the teachers. Later, Panchayat teachers were merged but those who died prematurely neither got compassionate appointment nor benefit of pension.

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They have been sitting on dharna for the last 46 days demanding compassionate appointment. After getting up from the protest site, Sapre came on the road to the school ground. After the demonstration, she went back to dharna again. Women say that they have been demanding for two and a half years that the government should give them work according to their qualifications. If the teacher does not have the qualification, then at least give the job of a peon, so that the problem of bread for two times will be solved.

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The death of the only earning member of the house and then the death of Corona. The family of the late teachers was financially devastated by a double whammy. Hundreds of people from widowed and helpless families have reached Raipur with their demands from far and wide. They are trying to reach their point of view to the government through applications and picketing. The future of the families of the teachers who went out to make the future of the country and were victims of premature death itself is in the balance.

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